What makes us better?

You have many choices for auto body repair work in Los Angeles.  But few offer the unique combination of advantages that Sunset Body Works provides: outstanding artisanship…state-of-the-art facilities, training, and training…responsive, courteous service…truly the best value in town!

Outstanding craftsmanship

Our craftsmen are highly skilled, highly trained, true artisans. They are experienced and amazingly adept at their art. And restoring a car to “good as new” is indeed an art. It is sculpture on a grand scale. It is sculpture that emphasizes both form and function, both style and substance…and, always paramount, safety.

Sate-of-the-art facilities, training, and technology

The specialists at Sunset Body Works undergo continuous training to meet the rigorous demands of the ever-changing auto body repair industry. Professional education programs cover new techniques, new materials, new tools, and more. 
Our staff training even extends to understanding and keeping up with the fast-changing insurance industry: the companies, the coverage, the regulations. That enables us to help you confirm your coverage and submit your claims.

At the Sunset Body Works shop, our craftsmen use the most advanced technology to exceed industry standards for quality in body repair and painting. All in an immaculate, state-of-the-art center dedicated to auto body and collision repair at its finest. Do you want to see all that goes into the modern art and science of auto body repair? Come to Sunset Body Works.


Communication is the key to good service. At Sunset Body Works, we take pride in communicating with you clearly at every step in the repair process. 

•    Clear options for towing your car
•    Clear, detailed estimates of the cost of your car repair
•    Clear communication with your insurance company
•    Clear explanation of your insurance coverage
•    Clear options for a rental car or shuttle service
•    Clear, frequent updates on progress throughout your car repair
•    Clear explanation of all steps taken and all parts used to repair your vehicle
•    Clear explanation of the quality control actions taken by Sunset Body Works to confirm the quality and safety of your repairs

At Sunset Body Works, we earn loyal customers by delivering the best service in the industry. Clearly.


A lot goes into repairing a car body. Doing it right takes the right artisans with the right skills using the right pats, the right materials, the right technology, the right way. The complexity of today’s vehicles and the cost of parts make car repairs potentially expensive. That’s why we do everything possible to make your repairs at Sunset Body Works as cost-effective as possible. 

Excellent quality at a fair price equals excellent value. That’s what you get from Sunset Body Works.