Our process is very organized and methodical: from towing or receiving your vehicle, to inspecting it, to preparing a detailed estimate, to making arrangements for other transportation for you, to repairing your vehicle, and finally, to returning your vehicle to you. And at every step, we communicate clearly with you, so you always know the status of your car:

Getting your car to Sunset Body Works

If your car can be driven safely, please bring it to Sunset Body Works. If you need it towed, please let us know. We will help make arrangements for towing or flatbed services.


The preliminary estimate

We can provide a free visual inspection immediately. We also can provide advice on how to proceed with your insurance claim, how to obtain a rental car, and any other important details.


The detailed estimate

With approval from you and/or your insurance company, we will provide a precise estimate after disassembling critical areas of your car in order to closely inspect the damage. We will photograph the damage, then send it electronically to your insurer for their review.


Repairing the frame and body

We order the parts needed. Then our highly trained, certified artisans repair your car. Their goal is to make it “good as new” so that it meets or exceeds the manufacturer’s original standards. We work quickly but carefully, using state-of-the-art technology.


Painting your vehicle

Sunset Body Works uses the highest quality materials available. Our artisans are tremendously skilled at color matching and paint application. And they used the most advanced technology available: from prepping to spraying to drying.


Reassembling your vehicle

Replacing every part, every nut, every bolt exactly as specified is a demanding process, We work with the utmost care and precision to restore your vehicle to original factory condition.


Quality control

We institute quality control steps through the entire repair process. But the final QC inspection is the most important.

•    Inspect and confirm correct repairs and assemblies
Inspect and confirm weld quality
Inspect and confirm correct application of paint
Inspect and confirm precise wheel alignment
•    Inspect and confirm other numerous quality control checkpoints

The last step in the QC process is a short test drive to ensure your vehicle is operating safely and efficiently.

Buffing and detailing.

Wait until you see just how lustrous your new paint job is. We restore the final finish to its original showroom quality. Then we give your car a full detailing so it truly looks “good as new” inside and out.


Delivering your vehicle to you

Whether you return to our shop or you need your vehicle brought to your home or work, we encourage you to closely examine our repairs. We want to make sure you are completely satisfied.


Following up

A few days after you receive your repaired car, a representative from Sunset Body Works will call you to confirm that you are satisfied with your repairs.  We guarantee it!