Washington D.C. car owners pay most for repairs

If your Check Engine light comes on during a road trip this summer, avoid getting it fixed in Washington D.C. According to automotive diagnostic company CarMD's annual survey of repair costs, the nation's capital is the most expensive place for automotive work in the country, and the Northeast in general is a rather pricey region. Nationwide, the average charge for this baseline checkup and repair is $390.38.

CarMD's study collects state-by-state data for the previous year on the cost of a Check-Engine-light-related repair for 98,051 vehicles from between the 1996 and 2014 model years. Thanks in part to the highest average parts price in the country, Washington D.C. led the latest ranking at an average of $467.11 in 2014, including components and labor. Delaware was second at $451.03, then New Jersey at $447.19, California at $437.97, and Connecticut rounded out the top five at $436.98. Eleventh place North Dakota had the highest labor rates at $185.92 but a combined charge of $424.18.

Despite being at the top of the ranking in 2012's list, Wyoming is now the least expensive state in the US to get these repairs done at an average $308.76. It's a significant savings over even Montana as the second cheapest at $333.13.

As the study points out, the average cost of parts and labor aren't the only factors to consider in these costs. "CarMD's data finds that the least expensive states have a higher percentage of 'quick fix' repairs that can be addressed in minutes versus major repairs that require days in the shop, indicating drivers were likely more vigilant with addressing repair needs quickly," the company's technical director David Rich said in the announcement of the research. You can check out where your state falls in the ranking in the PDF of the results, here.

Article courtesy of: http://www.autoblog.com/2015/06/18/washington-dc-most-expensive-car-repairs/