We welcome your questions.

Sunset Body Works is an honest shop of the highest integrity. If you need any additional information regarding our services, our process, our people, or our fees, please don’t hesitate to ask us. But first, see if anyone else has asked the same question already in the most Frequently Asked Questions below.


Q.  How much will it cost to repair my vehicle?

A.  That depends on the damage and the type of car or truck you drive. The cost of the repair consists of: parts, materials (such as paint and other finishes), and labor. For your safety, we do exactly what is necessary to restore your vehicle to the original manufacturer’s tolerances and specifications. We treat your car as if it is our own. We know that you use it to transport your family. Our top priority is your safety and theirs.


Q. How long will it take to fix my vehicle?

A. That all depends on the extent of damage, the types of parts that may be needed, and the responsiveness of your insurance company. We will provide you with a realistic estimate not only of the cost of your repairs but also of the time they will take. Our goal is to get your repairs done as quickly as possible to get you back out on the road quickly…but safely—safety is always our #1 priority!


Q. What shape will my car be in after IT IS repairED?

A. Not just good—good as new! The quality of our work is consistently outstanding. The craftsmanship of our highly skilled, highly trained artisans, and the rigorous quality control assurance systems built into our process, ensure excellent repair work. Among the best in the business. In fact, many people consider the quality of Sunset Body Works superior to even your car’s dealership!


Q. How does the insurance process work?

A. Our specialists will help you contact the insurance company to submit a claim on your behalf. Once we have your insurance company’s authorization to proceed, we start the inspection process. We will prepare a detailed estimate, obtain the insurance company’s approval, then perform the necessary repairs. Then we will bill your insurance company directly, if appropriate. Similarly, we will help determine your insurance coverage for a rental car while yours is being repaired. And we will help ensure that the rental agency bills your insurer. Ideally, you won’t have to deal with any unnecessary insurance paperwork whatsoever.


Q. Do you use “OEM”, used, or new “aftermarket” parts?

A. Some insurance companies require that certain types of parts to be used. For example, some specify that only OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts, made by your vehicle’s manufacturer, be used. Other insurers specify that only used, recycled parts be used for your repairs. Still other insurance carriers require “aftermarket” parts, which are new but manufactured by a company other than the vehicle manufacturer. Sunset Body Works is versatile and will accommodate the specifications of your insurance company. And please note that Sunset Body Works uses CAPA (Certified Automotive Parts Association) aftermarket parts that are certified to meet the highest standards of quality and safety.


Q. My car had only minor damage. Will the new paint match the old?

A. We do everything possible to ensure an exact or close match to your finish. Of course, the overall condition of your vehicle’s finish—subject to weather, your car-washing procedures, and many other variables all affect the finish of your vehicle. But our experts are trained and experienced to achieve the best match possible. As appropriate and necessary, we have a variety of matching and blending techniques and technologies to use.


Q. What makes or models does Sunset Body Works specialize in?

A. All makes, all models. Sunset Body Works has years of experience repairing every type of car, truck, van, and RV imaginable.


Q. Doesn’t my insurance company tell me where to get my car repaired?

A. They may provide a suggested list of repair facilities in your vicinity; however, the California Law states that the choice is yours. That way, you can be sure to pick the repair shop that you know and trust, one that your family and friends recommend. Sunset 


Q. What if I need help with the insurance paperwork?

A. No problem. We work with most insurance companies. We know their processes and will do our best to help you get your claim submitted promptly so repairs can get started (and finished) as soon as possible.


Q Is it possible to get a discount or waiver on my deductible?

A. We will ask your insurer on your behalf, but that is ultimately up to their company policy. Beware of body shops that say they discount or waive deductibles. They usually make up that expense by cutting costs somewhere in the repair process—by skipping a quality control step or speeding up steps in some way that saves the shop money…but may compromise the final quality and safety of the work.