Is your lease up? Car is a mess?


All of us know that when you lease a car, by the time the lease expires it becomes a mess. 

From the infamous curb-rash, to bumper nicks and scratches and the all time favorite grocery store parking lot damage by those wonderful people who plow their carts and slam their doors into your car.

When you have to return your car to the dealership, they scrutinize every inch and in the end, the damage charges can be staggering.

At Sunset Body Works, we can perform miracles at a tiny fraction of what you would be forced to pay to the dealership.

We can replace damaged parts, buff and polish out scratches on paint, we can even do paintless dent removal in some cases. Your interior will be thoroughly detailed and cleaned to make the car as good as it was the day you got it. In many cases this saves thousands of dollars, especially if you are returning a leased vehicle with no intention to lease another from the same manufacturer.

Call us today to schedule an estimate and have us help you right away!